Magic the Gathering May Promo

To Celebrate both the release of Amonkhet plus Dan's Birthday Month Socal Games and Comics is running a month long Magic the Gathering celebration! Join us all month long for product sales, awesome weekly events and more!

All Month Long Sale
$100 Standard Booster Boxes

Weekly Events

Monday - Amonkhet League Day. Join the Amonkhet Sealed league that runs all month long! Add a new pack every Monday. 

Tuesday - $10 Drafts! Every Tuesday Draft for only $10 at 7:00pm with the same Pack per Match win price Support! Also includes FREE sleeves

Wednesday - Commander Night! $5 Entry Pack per kill + last survivor in 2 rounds! Bring a buddy who hasn't played in a Commander Night event yet and you both get in for FREE.

Thursday - Modern! $5 Entry. Store Credit prize out based on standing. Bring a buddy who hasn't played in a Modern Night event yet and you both get in for FREE.

Friday - Standard FNM at 6:30pm. Free Entry with 2 Packs per person into the prize pool! Pack per match win prize support.
Fri - Draft at 7:30pm. $10 Drafts! With the same Pack per Match win price Support! w/ Free Sleeves

Saturday - Standard Showdown at 5:00pm. $5 Entry with Standard Showdown packs added to the prize pool.

Amonkhet's Invocations!

Today Wizards started revealing what the newest Expedition/Masterwork Series is! Amonket brings us Invocations! Unlike Previous series they don't all share a card type but instead have a very Unique Border that screams Egpytion! Check out our first sampling of what Amonkhet is bringing.


Invocations (Not Standard Legal)

First Look at Amonket's Mechanics!

Amonket's release looms on the horizon, and with the start of an all new block comes all new mechanics! Here's a quick look at some of the things Amonket brings!


Before we get to the cards themelves lets talk about something new coming in booster packs, ever played a game and wanted some way to show if certain abilities have been used? Well Amonket comes with Punch Cards to help you remember what is what.


Next up is "Exert" the ability to push your creatures just a little further when they lay siege to your opponent, with the trade off of them taking a rest the next turn(they won't untap).


Next up is a new version of "Creature Flashback" while we've had abilities like Unearch in the past, that only temporarily returned your creature to the battlefield. Embalm works exactly like Flashback, when you pay the mana cost you exile the creature from your graveyard and put a token of that very creature onto the battlefield, worried about remembering which dice is which? Well Amonket's prepared for that as well with tokens of all of the embalm creatures in the set.



If you've been wondering what in the world you could possibly be using those "brick" looking counters on the punch out for, well to build yourself some epic monuments like this guy below.